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To everyone else who wants a copy of minor hue's fics, I have shared them in my dropbox folder and you can just download them from there. Here's the link: [x]

If you want to read them from KMM, MJ (from tumblr) posted a link of the fics here: [x]

(Sorry, a lot of people are messaging me and I don't see their messages right away specially if it's redirected to the spam folder so I thought this would be a better way to share the fics.)


Happy New Year!!

I just want to thank everyone for being part of my year. It wasn't exactly a particularly exciting one, to be honest, but I'm glad to have met new friends (both at work and in the fandom) this year and I really hope I would have more time to chat with you guys next year.

I hope we all have a wonderful and exciting year ahead of us! :D

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Of Endings and Haircuts

I've always expected that I'm going to get emotional when Naruto finally ended but I never thought that I'm going to cry over Naruto's haircut.

Kishimoto, did you really have to do that? I loved that spiky blond hair for 12 years!

Trick or Treat

We had a trick or treat today at work for the employees' kids and I wasn't really planning to dress up or anything but I found this really cool dress/cloak thing-y so I played around with it and ta-da~ my instant halloween outfit haha


LM Postcard Giveaway

I should have done this months ago but I was busy with work and then I just completely forgot about it.
So, anyway! Remember those lovely postcards during the LM Scavenger Hunt? I still got an extra blue and green one so I'm (finally) doing a postcard giveaway!
Just comment with your favorite scene from LM. Then I'll randomly pick two people to send the postcards to.
Your favorite scene won't have anything to do with my selection process. I just really want to know what your favorite scenes are. Haha :D
Anyway, that's it. I'll keep this open until the weekend. Have a nice week, everyone! :)

You must be willing to give me a mailing address (which I promise to forget/lose once I've sent out the postcards).

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Good News: My Tempest DVD has finally been delivered.

Bad News: They delivered it to the post office where it’s being held hostage until I pay the necessary tax fees which are probably gonna cost me more than what I’ve actually spent on buying the DVD. :/

Sort of Other Good News: Since I’m making a trip to the post office anyway, I might be doing a Loaded March postcard giveaway (which I really really should have done ages ago). I’ll post some more details soon! :)

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I don't know how to stop being sad about Robin Williams.

I've been depressed the entire day since I read about his passing this morning. :(
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